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With over 20 years of professional acting experience, Simone's intuitive ability to offer a range of warm and conversational reality to fun and dynamic characters has caught the ear of national and globally recognized brands with a client list that includes Samsung, "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," Dominos, Yoplait, ACT Mouthwash, Ulta Beauty, Skyrizi, Eco-Products, and Dollar General.

Recording behind her Shure SM7B in her home studio, she will execute and deliver quality, broadcast-ready audio. She prides herself on punctual turn-around, offering you multiple takes, and is flexible to work with you on live sessions through your preferred means of communication. Her years in theater training and professional opportunities have given her the tools to make every work experience with her clients a collaborative effort from day one. 

She is confident that what sets her apart is her proficiency in script and character breakdowns while making specific and exciting choices. She is quick on her feet and can convey your brand's message through fast direction while never sacrificing authentic storytelling. 

When she's not in the booth, she is passionate about travel (a dual citizen in both the U.S. and Portugal) and ordering a side of french fries to come with her salad... Kidding, she just orders the fries.

DAW: Logic Pro X 10.4

Mic: Shure SM7B with CL-1 Cloudlifter. 

Source Connect Standard

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